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Have you ever wondered what boards are? Or how do you get selected to serve on boards? Or what are the expectations as a board member? AWIP San Francisco and Seattle chapters are excited to bring you a discussion on how to become Board-ready with Shannon Gordon, CEO of theBoardList. Join us for a discussion and tips on how to pave your path to the Board.

Some of the questions we will discuss are:
1. How do you know you are "board-ready"?
2. How does one get started and what can you do to brand yourself?
3. Describe what the interview process might look like for your first board role.
4. How do you manage all your professional commitments and how much time does it really take to serve on a board?



Shannon is currently the CEO of theBoardlist and has more than 20 years of leadership experience, including 10+ years building and scaling great user experiences at tech companies. Shannon started her career in the Peace Corps, before heading to Home Depot and McKinsey in the early part of her career. More recently she was the VP of Customer Experience at and the SVP of Operations and Customer Experience at Shyp.



Praveena is a product leader and technology evangelist with over 19 years of leadership experience at the center of innovating and creating products that operate on a global scale. She loves spending her time innovating, ideating, leading, and contributing to the creation of great products while bridging and building meaningful relationships and profound partnerships along the way. She is currently a VP of Product at Oracle for their Apps Cloud business building products and services at global scale and responsible for end-to-end customer experience in Cloud.

Prior to that Praveena has held various positions at large enterprise software companies progressing through various roles and continually creating products that drive customer success.