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Advancing Women in Product is teaming up with AWS to bring you a panel on what every product manager, entrepreneur or business leader needs to know to march into the world of applied AI. Modern AI techniques are notoriously data hungry. In such a landscape, product leaders that find unique and effective ways to leverage their data lakes to train their models will be able to differentiate their products and deliver stellar customers experiences.

Join us as our panelists share their experiences on how they’ve successfully addressed their customer’s needs by building AI into their product lines. Our panelists will cover how they identified that AI was the correct solution, what every product leader should know about building out a solution that requires AI and how they leveraged the vast quantities of data their company was storing to train and deliver these solutions.


Applied ML PMs think about how data can be leveraged to improve an existing product or how to design an entirely new experience altogether using advanced AI . Ultimately, product leaders work on directly improving key metrics for a user-facing feature.

Understanding machine learning is not only the responsibility of data scientists. While it is incredibly scientific, much of the value to our world is in the way the business is able to leverage the capability to improve their customers’ experience or business efficiency. 

To maximize the opportunity machine learning represents, a product leader needs to ensure they ask the right questions, understand the process of developing ML models, and encourage their organization to foster ongoing conversations, continuous improvement, and constant collaboration between disciplines.

The panel we have curated will bring diverse perspectives to the topic of machine learning by addressing the key themes around how to think about what machine learning can do for your product or business. 



Together with rockstar product teams, Vidya has built and grown enterprise software businesses as a product leader in several industry verticals ranging from Telecom, Healthcare, Energy and IoT. Most recently, Vidya has led product management for Cloudera’s AI platform, where she was responsible for making AI at scale a reality for customers spanning industries such as autonomous driving, pharma, banking to governments. Prior experience includes eMeter (Sequoia-funded, acquired by Siemens), Silver Spring (Kleiner funded and IPO exit), Medtronic (healthcare).

Vidya is currently an aspiring early-stage venture investor.



Vibin is a senior product manager at Amazon Alexa, where he owns product development for some of Alexa's most popular features - timers and alarms. Prior to Alexa, Vibin led growth at Amazon Education and helped launch McKinsey Academy, a leadership development program for mid-level professionals. He also worked as a consultant at McKinsey, advising the C-Suite of F500 companies on issues ranging from technology to operations.



Kalyan Krishnamani currently works as a Senior Engineer with Nvidia Corporation, in Santa Clara, CA., where he is busy with formal verification of the latest and the greatest Nvidia GPUs. Previously he was a Computer Scientist with INRIA, Paris, working on distributed computing as well as formal verification techniques for safety-critical software. He is fond of distributed and web-scale technologies, algorithms, mathematics and loves teaching and learning. His interests span a wide variety of subjects revolving around technology, society and economics.



6:00 - 6:30 pm: Registration & AWIP Welcome

6:30 - 7:15 pm: Panel Discussion

7:15 - 7:30 pm: Q&A

7:30 - 8:00 pm: Networking & Close

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1900 University Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303