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Co-Founder & CEO
Product Manager
Managing Partner & Seed & Pre-Seed Investor
Product Manager
Venture Capitalis
Senior Vice President
Product Leader & Team Coach
Product Management Executive & Business Leader
Product Manager
Thinking & Writing
Chief Marketing Officer
Head of Engineering
B2B Product Executive & Coach
Venture Capitalist
Product Executive
Senior Product Manager
SVP Product & Marketing
Head of Ecosystem & Assistant GM
Board Member
Product Manager
Co-Founder & Angel Investor
Director of Product Management
Product + Design
Chief Data Officer
Angel Investor in Enterprise Software and Infrastructure
Product Leader
Family Time; Past: CPO at DocuSign, Co-founder President at BOKU


There is no strict time commitment that you need to make as an AWIT Ambassador. There will be opportunities to participate in events, speak on panels, or provide mentoring - but this is all at your own discretion.

We hope that Ambassadors are willing to spend 1-2 hours of their time with AWIT per Quarter. This time could be spent speaking on a panel, being interviewed for an article, attending an ambassador event, or mentoring the next generation of female product leaders.

First and foremost you will be a part of an organization with a great mission of empowering high potential female product and tech leaders through professional education and executive mentorship. Secondly, as an Ambassador you will have opportunities to be featured in our press (Forbes Column), speak on panels at both AWIT and outside conferences, and give back to the community of emerging product leaders.

Our ambassador community is a diverse group of product leaders, technologists, executives, and venture capitalists. Some of our most active ambassadors are Sarah Guo (Partner at Greylock), Ron Hirson (Chief Product Office of Docusign), as well as product leaders at Google, Spotify, Stripe, LinkedIn, and more. The AWIT community is growing stronger every day and we’d love to have you join us as well!