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A multi-faceted mentorship program that provides an intimate network and exclusive access to events and workshops that will cultivate a community for women in tech on self-improvement and learning from each other.

This hands-on program is unlike any other, it is an exclusive community of techies who get the opportunity to learn and grow through monthly meetups based on their individual and collective goals, and overall a community to ask each other questions, attend local events together, and learn from one another.

The 2021 Mentorship Program will open soon! If you are interested in joining please signup for the waitlist using the link below. We will be matching members from the waitlist to groups throughout the program. 



  • The mentorship program will be capped at 30 members

  • Within this circle, you will meet to work towards the goals set at the kick-off event

  • One member of your group will be the group leader and will be responsible for reporting on the progress and successes of your mentor circle


If you'd like to become a circle leader, when you fill out the sign-up form please select "Yes" when the question is asked

As a leader, your responsibilities include: 

  • Manage your circle by scheduling your monthly meetups and providing guidance and direction for your circle

  • Report bi-weekly on the status of your mentor circle: participation status and progress made toward goals. This will help AWIT support your mentorship circle's goals


Each mentor circle will decide on a topic or goal to focus on during the duration of this program. These goals will be submitted at the Kick-Off event. Some examples include:

  1. Improving leadership skills

  2. PM tasks (roadmapping, PRDs, metrics)

  3. Improving technical skills (SQL course, C++, APIs, Cloud infrastructure)

  4. Future tech (Blockchain, ML, AI, VR)

  5. Transition learning: Switching from Enterprise to Consumer or vice versa

  6. Communication/executive presence

  7. Job search (Mock interviewing, writing resumes + cover letters)

  8. Case studies for interview preparations